I purchased a Ravenhawk at the West Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson auction. I absolutely love the car, and I think you have hit on the best strategy for this classic. It is a head turner, a very comfortable amenity loaded car that my wife loves riding in with me. That has not been the case with previous classic cars I have owned.

Thank you for creating a wonderful concept, and for addressing what all of us have really needed for some time.




The car is awesome.

It is obviously a labor of love, and it shows. It is even more special when you have such a great background story….I love the fact that your daughter named it.

I will make sure we do everything we can to create the awareness and excitement you and your car deserve.

Take care, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Ravenhawk story.

Steve Davis, President Barrett-Jackson


  • I am amazed that you can build such a fantastic looking exotic and still have the utility and comfort of a luxury car!
  • The "wow" factor is simply wonderful.  I love it!
  • It's so beautiful that every head seems to turn your way.
  • With the 6 speed transmission you get excellent mileage along with rocket performance.
  • I like the keyless entry and push button start.
  • The six way power seats allow a 6' 9" person like me to drive and ride comfortably.
  • You even have intermittent windshield wipers.
  • Rear facing camera and object warning audio make it easy to back safely.
  • Are you serious, even with the top down you can still carry golf clubs and baggage.
  • The locking armrest/glove box provides security when the top is down.
  • The forward facing object warning audio keeps one from getting too close.
  • You did say 4 wheel independent suspension with 4 wheel power 14" disc brakes . . . .
  • Try getting a heated rear window and heated outside power mirrors on a classic car.
  • The 16 gallon stainless steel fuel tank is great for long trips.
  • The forward opening clamshell hood is a real safety feature.
  • It's no fun going someplace by yourself, and with the Ravenhawk I can take my spouse or a friend in comfort.
  • Besides, my wife doesn't want me riding on a motorcycle . . . !!!


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