Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Classic, Muscle or Exotic Car:

How do you intend to use your car?
-Some classics are for show, some for racing—most aren’t comfortable enough for driving.
-The Ravenhawk is intended for driving, with lots of space for your legs, as well as for luggage.
-Its “wide body” provides ample space for comfortable touring.
-The Ravenhawk is heavy enough, along with the positraction rear end and wide tires, to maintain traction under aggressive acceleration—this dramatically reduces potential “spin out” that might occur with a high powered, light weight car.
-The Ravenhawk drives straight and easy on the highway for very happy touring, and is comfortable so your significant other will want to ride in it with you.
-The Ravenhawk is also beautiful enough to exhibit in a car show if you desire.

Were you thinking about a restoration?
-The Ravenhawk is not a restoration, nor a replica of some other car.
-It is a completely new design using proven components.
-You can have an “original” without having to deal with grease or rust!

Does it have power steering?
-Most classics don’t have power steering.
-The Ravenhawk has power rack and pinion steering.

Are the seats adjustable?
-Most classics have fixed bench seats, or at best small bucket seats that have a very limited adjustment range.
-Both Ravenhawk bucket seats are 6 way power adjustable and the steering wheel has tilt capability.
-The passenger seat is adjustable separately from the driver’s seat.
-The seats are comfortable and big enough to accommodate a large person.
-The seat height from the floor is comfortable so you aren’t leaning back, without sacrificing headroom, and your knees aren’t up to your chin.
-Ravenhawk’s seat height from the ground makes for easy entry, and you don’t have to lift your legs over a high or wide threshold.
-There is also space behind the seats for storage (seats also fold forward).

Does the car have shoulder harnesses?
-Most classics cars don’t have the capability for shoulder harnesses, only seat belts.
-The Ravenhawk has three point, frame mounted and retractable shoulder harnesses for each seat.

How about windshield wipers, as well as a windshield large enough to see out of?
-Some replica classic cars use Plexiglas for their windshield. This is very likely to end up being scratched from cleaning, and will not work with windshield wipers.
-A modified classic with a “chopped” top can be very difficult to see out of, as well as being difficult to replace the windshield or door glass.
-The Ravenhawk windshield is made of safety glass, is the size of a production car, and a replacement can be purchased at your local automotive glass dealer.
-The windshield wiper blades are standard full size, with intermittent speed settings.
-The rear window is also glass, as well as being heated.

How will you obtain a replacement windshield or door glass if needed in the future?
-The Ravenhawk windshield and door glass are production items that are readily available from your local automotive glass replacement dealer.

Does it have outside rear view mirrors, and are they adjustable?
-Most classics have very small outside rear view mirrors (or perhaps only one for the driver).
-Ravenhawk’s outside rear view mirrors (one on each side) are power adjustable from the driver’s seat, and they are also heated!
-The outside mirrors are production items that are readily available from your automobile dealer if a replacement is needed.
-Also each sunvisor has lighted vanity mirrors.

Is there room for air conditioning, glove box, various controls and the instrumentation you want? How about a center arm rest?
-Some classics have very limited space both in the dash for controls and instrumentation, and have the heat & air conditioner under the dash, with no space for a glove box or armrest.
-This is no problem with the Ravenhawk as the dash is very large.
-The center console offers additional space for controls.
-The large, solenoid operated, locking console / glove box and arm rest is very convenient.

Does the hood have a safety catch?
-The hood on some classics pivot from the side(s). This requires two separate manual steps: one to open, and one to latch the hood. There is no safety catch if the latch is inadvertently left unlatched!
-The Ravenhawk hood is a “clam shell” design that opens from the windshield side.
-With the hinge at the front, there is no need for a safety latch, as the hood will not blow open even if it wasn’t satisfactorily latched.
-We do utilize two latches on the hood, one on each rear corner, with one handle that automatically goes back to the latched position.

How large is the trunk?
-Some classic and exotic car trunks are very small and share space with the battery and/or fuel tank.
-The Ravenhawk has a large trunk for two sets of golf clubs as well as luggage, even with the top down.
-The trunk floor is flat which makes it easy to position luggage.

Where is the gas tank and filler located?
-Many classics have their gas tank and filler located in the trunk.
-This makes the outside of the car cleaner; however consider the consequences of spilling gas on your carpet (or luggage) when refueling, and the possibility of getting the gas tank pushed into the cockpit in the event of a rear end crash.
-Ravenhawk’s gas tank is located in front of the differential and underneath the trunk's steel floor.
-The filler is behind a solenoid latched outside door. This keeps gas fumes out of the cockpit and trunk space, and provides a clean appearance.

What does the third brake light look like?
-The third brake light on some classics looks like an after thought add-on.
-Ravenhawk’s is a production LED design that is artfully fitted into a beautifully sculpted recess.

Are you thinking about a removable hard top?
-These look nice; however you’ll need a place to store it, as well as some type of help to remove/reinstall it.
-Also what do you do with it when you are on a trip away from home in beautiful “top down” weather?
-The Ravenhawk’s convertible top is easily stowed, is out of sight with a hard tonneau cover, with little impact on luggage space when the top is down.

With electric doors, how do you get in when the battery goes dead?
-With most classics you are stuck with trying to open a door using a stiff wire around the glass.
-Your Ravenhawk keyless entry has an external key slot where you use your ignition key to manually open a door.

Differences from other exotic cars
-Your Ravenhawk is unique and easily recognizable from look-a-like exotics, production muscle cars or other classics. Some different models even look like each other!
-The V8 exhaust rumble and acceleration of the Ravenhawk is unmistaken—true American performance.
-Did you know that some exotics require a several thousand dollar check up at 10,000 miles, plus expensive periodic maintenance checks! Where does one find an exotic dealer for service?
-The Ravenhawk can be serviced at your local dealer (same company as the engine type) with no required check ups, just normal maintenance.
-Cars with gull wing doors may have a wide door threshold that you have to slide across and lift your legs over as well.
-Gull wing and scissor doors make it difficult to get into and out of the car.
-You may not be able to open a gull wing door in a normal garage or parking lot due to needing exgtra space beside the car for clearance. You may also need additonal ceiling clarance.
-Scissor doors can be hard on finger nails and fingers!
-Some exotics are so low to the ground that they are very difficult to get into or out of.
-Ravenhawk’s seat height from the ground makes for easy entry, and you don’t have to lift your legs over a high threshold.
-Does the retractable top allow enough space for golf clubs? Will your golfing buddy have to hold both his and your set of clubs in his lap?
-The Ravenhawk trunk is large enough to hold two sets of golf clubs and suit cases, even with the top down.


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