Jerry Harrison, President of Contemporary Classic Cars, Inc. (CCC)
has a unique background steeped in hard work from his father’s small town business and workshop, working his way through college, and becoming a successful engineer and manager with a well known aircraft manufacturing company. Jerry was graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), and then later earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

His 41 years of well rounded experience with the aircraft industry gave him valuable experience in the following areas: design engineer, test engineer, contract administrator, marketing support, program managment, tool planning, design and fabrication, productivity improvements and manufacturing manager over 300 employees. He retired, and began his new career by forming Contemporary Classic Cars, Inc. (CCC) utilizing his significant experience building various street rod cars since high school.

CCC’s mission: To build unique high end cars with a classic street rod profile but with contemporary systems and custom features to match customer desires.

Jerry Harrison, President