Our South Florida Sales Manager is Capt. Denis Murphy.  You can reach him at 954-614-6133

He also owns and operates Grace Rental Cars in South Florida for our International Customers


For Reservations and free pick-up at Miami International Airport
call Capt. Denis Murphy at 954-614-6133
or e-mail at airfoil65@yahoo.com

-Are you an international student pilot who wants to save money during his pilot training, and doesn’t want the hassle of owning a car (purchase cost, insurance, storage, etc.)?

-Public transportation in the Miami-Dade County area is nonexistent, and even taxi cabs can’t always get you where and when you need to go.

-Perhaps you would like to share a car with friends to cut down on expenses, and still give you the freedom and independence to travel on your schedule without maintenance or storage worries.

Grace Rentals is a very unique car rental service offering these advantages:

-Grace Rental customers report an average monthly savings of more than $600.00 USA compared to car ownership.

-We do not require a deposit, no credit card and no hidden fees like other companies, i.e. no mileage fees (unlimited mileage).

-No extra fees for adding another driver, which means that you can share the use of your rental car with your friends and family members.

-You do not need to return the car with a full tank of gas either, which means you always save money with Grace Rentals!!

-Free maintenance in the unlikely event your car breaks down—A HASSLE FREE EXPERIENCE